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back from camping with a slight sunburn on one leg

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Oh my what a busy month may was. And unfortunately a lot of it involved employee issues that made life, erm, interesting? but that can't be discussed here. Oh how I wish I could, though. The sheer laziness and cluelessness of some people just amaze me.

But on to other things.

I'll only be out of town one weekend this month - a change from my 3 weekends in May and two in April. Yes, you will find me at Disneyworld at the end of June. I've been to Epcot, but not Disneyworld. (And Disneyland, I hear, doesn't count.)

Gary's parents will be out the first week of July, so all the parents get to meet each other. And the Fair! It starts soon! Like, in a couple of weeks! (And yes, the San Diego County Fair, aka the Del Mar Fair, deserves every one of those exclamation marks.)

Camping was highly entertaining. The cicadas were molting and leaving little shells behind - mostly bodies with legs attached and a wide split at the back of the head. A little freaky if you ask me. They looked like little aliens. And of course, one grew quite attached to the back of my leg. I had to swat it off not just once, not twice, but five times. That was on Sunday afternoon and right around the time that I decided maybe it was time to go home. Did I mention that it tried to follow me home? Somehow it got stuck in the cup holder in the back seat and make this strange noise that sounded like my dog Kalvin shaking when in his car seat. But neither Kalvin nor his car seat were in the car. So it was a little weird until I figured out what it was. It got a free ride after the car wash courtesy the gust of wind just as I flipped it out of the cup holder.

So that was my weekend. And it ended with a nagging sinus headache. But it was worth it.

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