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on hitting balls with sticks

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Sis bought me a set of golf clubs for my birthday (which isn't for a few months), Gary bought me a golf bag. I actually ventured out tonight and hit balls with sis and Sean. While I'm not terribly athletic naturally, I at least managed to connect with the ball a few times, and it managed to do more than just skip across the ground. I can already tell my arms and hands will be sore in the morning from trying to get the grip and swing down (as much as one can when you have less than part-time instructors.)

A Wii arrived in our household today as well. I can see that there will be debates as to whether Mario Cart or Rock Band will be set up over the weekends. I guess we need to move to a bigger place so that we can have a game room with more than one tv set up. (Maybe the rock band can be an accompaniment to the Wii games.) I forsee much killing of time ahead. Good thing none of us are in school!

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