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Random thoughts from a weekend in Vegas:

-Vegas is awesome when you get to stay off the strip at someone's house
-The swing dancing crowd there is very friendly...and not exposed enough to balboa
-Red Rock Canyon has a pair of very possessive...and persistant! bees
-The rockabilly crowd is very colorful - in more ways than one
-Deke Dickerson + guitar geek festival = awesome
-Big sunglasses + fish eye lens = not so awesome picture (bug eyes anyone?)

The weight of my suitcase and bags wrecked havoc with me. Or is it my allergies that has caused a sinus headache? Either way, I hurt from the shoulders up, including my head.

The next few months are booked (through the end of May, even!), but it's really nice to have a weekend or two at home to put things back into place. Even if I do have to help mom get her house ready for sis' engagement party.

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