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countdown to (a wee) summer vacation

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This Friday sis and I leave (the airport) at 6:45 am and hopefully begin our journey to Orlando. (And I do mean hopefully. We're flying Delta out there and Continental back - neither airline that I have had a good experience with. I'm already nervous because I haven't confirmed a seat for both of us out of LAX. I'm told 'there are reserved seats. Don't worry about it.' Riiiiiight. I'm gonna worry until we are both on the plane and taking off.)

We've already figured out how to leave from someplace closer than Escondido, which will allow us to sleep in about 15 minutes longer. Of course, having to be at the airport somewhere between 4:30 and 5:00 am, that extra 15 minutes may or may not mean anything at that point.

We got a taste of it this morning - a trial run - when we had to drop mom off by 7am. From Escondido. As much as I'm looking forward to this trip, I'm not looking forward to the first few hours. Not until I can settle in on the plane and fall asleep. (Oh, wait. We're on a puddle jumper to LAX first. Guess I won't be sleeping until we get on the plane at LAX.)

But on to the fun part - we have two days at Disney plus unlimited laying around by (or in) the pool while mom's at her conference. Did I mention sleeping in? I plan to do a bit of that too!

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