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escrow closing. send padding for my cell.

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I've been through escrow closings before, but nothing like this. Three properties closing tomorrow, and they just started asking me for stuff at the end of last week. Did I mention that one of the on-sites had managed to screw up just about everything she had done in the last month. It's one of those things that causes me to have homicidal thoughts. Especially when all of this mayhem is discovered while I am trying to ready the final rent roll for the title company. I suppose that I shouldn't complain too much now - I started out with 4 people emailing me and asking for the exact same items. At least I was able to narrow down my contact list to just one. This would happen to me during rent collection, too.

After tomorrow, my stress level will drop tremendously and that twitch in my right eyelid should subside somewhat.

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