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tomorrow's Friday. right?

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If so, that means soon: sleeping in, putting away laundry instead of moving it from place to place, figuring out why I have ants walking in one side of the doorway, around the door jam and into the bathroom, getting a little cleaning done so I can see the top of my desk again...and did I mention sleeping in?

Today wasn't so bad, except I could tell I was falling off my game after the stress of the last few days. I now also have an owner who thinks I don't know the correct angle of horizontal vs. vertical blinds. *sigh*

And to top it all of, somehow people involved in the sale of the property think that I refused to deliver the rent checks back to the property yesterday. Um, hello? No one told me that they needed to be redelivered so that they could be picked up yesterday. In fact, I wasn't even supposed to be in San Diego yesterday. I had to come down because of the administrator password issues with the on-site's computers...and come to find out, they're all getting new computers tomorrow anyway. Bleh.

I think after this weekend I'll be doing much better. Extra sleep, some down time, and some time to put my room and my car back in order will help.

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