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For various reasons - like cooler themes and some of which I'm not even sure of myself - I'm moving my blog to WordPress.

I've transferred my old posts too...and can now be found at http://designlived.wordpress.com

See you there!

Some of my me-made outfits

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My newest skirt and a blouse I have admitted defeat on (While I like the pattern, the bust is a wee bit too small - as in it likes to unbutton while I'm driving - and the sleeves are stupid. The edge of the sleeve attaches straight to the back bodice, meaning that you can't lift your arms above halfway. And because of the previous problem, I'm not going to bother detatching and re-sewing):

And from the following day, a couple of poor pictures of my newest pencil skirt and a sorbetto with sleeves:

So there. Now I'll see if I can catch myself wearing some of the other things I've sewn. The two skirts above are the same pattern, so you can imagine the second one in a blue-gray color.

And yes, my husband was snapping pictures while I was talking, hence me not really smiling.

Lazy Sunday

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After two days of dog sitting for friends, our dogs were wiped out. Evidence:

I spent the day working on another pencil skirt. I took the waist in a bit from the last one that I made, and it fits much better now. Now that I have an abundance of silk organza I cut a piece to use as a pressing cloth, and the seams of the polyester suiting are much sharper. I even went back and re-pressed the hem of my previous skirt because it was still a little less sharp than I like.

Last week, I had issues with the lining. Today, I had issues with the zipper. (Though technically I had issues last week since the overlap was reversed from the directions I had. Even though it still looks good. And went in the first time with no issues.) Here's hoping the next 2 skirts I have go together a bit more smoothly.

I'm hoping to talk either my husband or sister into taking pictures of me in what I'm sewing. Both of them are excellent photographers. I just have to deal with my own mental block against being photographed. :)

In the meantime, a view from my sewing room:

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