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seems to be missing.

All day Saturday was spent removing wallpaper. Sunday was more of the same, with some painting thrown in at the end of the day.

The boys moved everything out of storage into the garage - after leaving a little bit of room for the electrician to move (and I do mean a little), it's full.

Tonight I finished cutting in the hallway, then helped pull padding staples out of the hardwood floors while Gary pulled up the tack strips. He's gone back to clean and polish the floors (yes, at 1:00 am) while I write this and seriously consider bedtime.

This week we'd love to get the walls in the living room cleaned, primed and rolled with paint and the carpets up in prep for moving this weekend. We'll see. After I finish cutting in the paint in the master bedroom, it looks like I'll be dunking some sponges in TSP for an evening or two.

A few pictures from this evening (sorry for the bluriness - iPhone + lower light):

The wood floors, uncovered.

Looking out into the hall from the master bedroom. You can see the carpet that was in the bedroom as well as the bedroom (non-wallpaper!) paint color

The hallway (and living room and bathroom) paint color

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