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Some of my me-made outfits

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My newest skirt and a blouse I have admitted defeat on (While I like the pattern, the bust is a wee bit too small - as in it likes to unbutton while I'm driving - and the sleeves are stupid. The edge of the sleeve attaches straight to the back bodice, meaning that you can't lift your arms above halfway. And because of the previous problem, I'm not going to bother detatching and re-sewing):

And from the following day, a couple of poor pictures of my newest pencil skirt and a sorbetto with sleeves:

So there. Now I'll see if I can catch myself wearing some of the other things I've sewn. The two skirts above are the same pattern, so you can imagine the second one in a blue-gray color.

And yes, my husband was snapping pictures while I was talking, hence me not really smiling.

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