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New-found loves and other such things

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1. Orangette: Makes me want to cook more than ramen noodles and popcorn again. She talks of food with intimate knowledge of how tastes combine, of what is in season from the local farmer's market...as if each food item were an old friend. I can only aspire to pay enough attention to learn to cook without recipes, and to modify recipes without worrying whether it will turn out or not. Even if you don't like to cook, it's a worthy read - she's a great writer.

2. Rock band: (Thanks a lot, Jason!) It's terribly addicting, and while numbing my brain to rock music, the synapses in my brain sparked a little bit. I think there's something there that might actually help me with my "real" music. I've never had music theory, so the thought of just jamming and soloing around chords escapes me. But this...hm. We shall see. Must. play. more. (Just to help me play my other instruments. Of course!)

3. Kaki King: I first heard her music on the sountrack to August Rush (yet another thing I have absolutely adored as of late), and it brought me back to fingerstyle guitar and Michael Hedges. I found Hedges' album Arial Boundaries on iTunes and instantly was thinking of my Dad who played it all the time. Something about the percussiveness of the guitar style these two play speaks to me.

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