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Everybody eats when they come to my house

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After a leisurely morning and an early afternoon spent figuring out what is for dinner for the next week (and who was cooking it), my sister, Gary and I spent the rest of the afternoon traveling from store to store gathering ingredients - 4 stores in all. Really makes me wish that there was one store that had everything, but when you're looking for ground mace and ham hocks, sometimes only a large chain grocery store will have it.

Tonight's dinner was the fabulous Pasta with Hashed Brussels Sprouts and Pine Nuts. I was a bit worried - I know that I like brussels sprouts, but I was unsure of everyone else. Not that I need worry. Everyone literally licked their plate clean. Even my sister who doesn't like nuts (though she likes pine nuts, I've now been informed) ate every last morsel. Much maligned vegetable, indeed! Tomorrow night's dinner is Apple and Butternut Squash Soup that I am currently let simmer, mostly because it saves me from having to cook soup after getting home (with the bonus that the soup tastes better the next day...and the day after that). I bought a baguette today that I'll serve with it. Mmm. Dinner. It'll be hard not to take part of it for lunch, too!

Later this week, I plan on roasting a chicken. That means that I should have leftovers for chicken sandwiches with herbed mayo. If I can remember to grab them in the morning, the best part about cooking is the leftovers...when there is any!

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