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Let the rain fall down, I'm comin' clean

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I think this is the first chance I've had all day to sit down. Aside from my trip to pick up Gary at the airport, I've spent all day cleaning up. Small though it may seem, I think the biggest accomplishment was wading through my jewelry to find all my mismatched earrings and return them to their mate. I suppose they get that way when someone other than the owner packs them up to be moved. (Yes, for the record, they've been like that since last May.)

Since Gary's sick and probably going to crawl into bed, it's probably a good time to pick through my cookbooks and latest inspirations on Orangette to make a menu/shopping list for the next week or so. Honestly, it feels a lot like Sunday to me, so I still can't believe my good fortune that I don't have to work tomorrow. It's supposed to rain tomorrow - again - so I'm looking forward to a morning of sleeping late and waking up to the sound of rain dripping from the eaves...and not having to drive to work in it.

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