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I don't wanna be anything other than me

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My sister got engaged on Valentine's Day. Of course I'm completely ecstatic for her...except for the fact that she is now off the hook with the relatives. Up until now I've been able to dodge the "so when are you getting married" question, even though I'm the older sibling. I simply smiled and pointed to my sister and mentioned that she'd been together with her boyfriend longer than I have with mine. Now? Now I have no defense except to smile mysteriously and murmur something about 'someday, maybe.'

They're talking next spring...which also doesn't bode well for my moratorium on moving again for a year (after moving twice in less than a year). The thought of moving actually sends me into a panic. My stuff is currently scattered hither and yon - the condo, the storage unit, the office/house-where-I-used-to-live... I have to admit, though, the one bright spot is that I would have all my pots, pans, and kitchen what-have-yous back in one place so I could cook properly again. (No more rummaging through my sister's cupboards for thyme or olive oil before having to traipse downstairs to the garage to dig through my box of spices and oils to find what I need.) Maybe I'd even get to spread back out again and banish some of the electronics from the bedroom!

Who knows what the next year holds...maybe Gary and I will end up in a little house with a little yard where we can plant a few bulbs and rose bushes and a lime tree (and he can make sure they actually get watered...hee!)

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