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i'm in a spin

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In a continuation of my previous post, for those searching for budgeting software and a new way of looking at your money, check out YNAB Pro. The 4 Rules are enough to turn most people's finances around, and the software is enough, simple, and as far away from overkill (like Quicken or Money) as you can get. Unlike the other software mentioned a moment ago, you'll actually use all the features!

Anyway. I've been noticeably absent because I've been helping mom paint her house. Oy. The eaves alone were enough to give me a back and knee(s) ache. Perching on a step ladder and/or the edge of a planter bed can't be good for you. Not to mention that the wasps were eyeing her eaves as their promised land. I think I knocked down at least 3 new nests. Thankfully the black widows that have sometimes taken up residence were much absent. (I can't stand spiders. *shudder*)

Gary lucked out and spent the weekend in Vegas hiking Red Rock Canyon. He *claimed* he had a trade show to attend early this week. Mmhmm. Suuuuure. You just didn't want to paint. ;)

Next weekend is the Balboa Rendezvous, so I will be relieved of duty...or AWOL, depending on who you ask!

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