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It might as well be spring

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I survived rent collection...yet again. I think I need a t-shirt to wear to work on the last day with this slogan. This month seemed to go a bit more smoothly than most. Maybe it's because I'm not facing down a huge stack of papers in my inbox. February 29th was highly productive for me. Add to that the satisfaction of also catching up on the financial filing today for the management department (sadly left to linger since last September), and I'm a happy camper tonight.

The weather lately has been fabulous. It's quite easy to wake up early and hit the gym when the sun is shining through the blinds at 6:15 am. I'm actually kind of sad that this weekend is the daylight savings time change. I'll have to wait a few weeks for the time to catch back up to the daylight again.

Gary bought DDR (Dance Dance Revolution for the uninitiated) yesterday. He says he bought it because I kept talking about how I wanted it. I knew - and he later admitted - the truth. It's so I have something to do while he's off with his RC car. Now to get a second DDR pad so that my sister and I can play at the same time.

My copy of Rosetta Stone - French showed up yesterday. Guess I'll head home for a lesson or two in French language.

Au revoir!

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