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Hip Hip

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Though I missed the first few episodes, I've lately been hooked on PBS's America's Ballroom Challenge. Proof that dancing is dancing, even though I know nothing about ballroom dancing really, I was still able to predict the winners. (Why is Jive a Latin dance? I still don't understand this...) I really enjoyed the exhibition dances, especially Max Kozhevnikov and Yulia Zagoruychenko dancing to Hip Hip Chin Chin, which as soon as the song started, I announced, "I have this song." Gary gave me a strange look, but hey, I do! And I now have a new-found appreciation for it.

Moving from Latin dancing to French language, I'm getting ready to tick another item off of my lifetime to-do list. Learn French. At some point, I'll revisit Spanish, but French is currently on my radar. I nearly didn't because of the cost, but after going through the demo I plunked down the change for Rosetta Stone. Honestly, I have no desire to learn Turkish, but I now know how to say woman, man, boy, girl, eat, run, and, drink because of said demo. Well, I might not be able to pronounce it, but I could certainly read and recognize it. So long as I am willing to learn to crawl before I run, I think the immersion style of learning will suit me much better than the vocabulary-cramming and verb-conjugating days of my high school Spanish classes. (On the bright side, I am able to read the doctor's note that one of my employees brings me in Spanish...)

Speaking of Gary, he just arrived home. I've been an RC (radio-controlled, for the uninitiated) car widow most of the weekend. Well, make that the last week. I've talked him into Be Kind Rewind tonight, though. Popcorn and nachos for dinner!

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