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another summer day has come and gone

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Happy Easter!

It was a quiet day this year as far as Easter goes. We haven't done an easter reunion in several years now, but quiet is good.

When not working on work stuff this last week, I've been working on straightening out my financial situation. I started to do this last year about this time as well, but it all went to hell in a hand basket with an unplanned root canal (stupid braces) and the death of my father, who lived in England. Now that I've somewhat recovered from those two items, I'm focusing again on getting an emergency fund built up and getting out of (bad) debt. I've found a couple of good sites from laypeople, most notably It's Your Money. From reading up, it seems my problem last year was launching into the reduction part without establishing a beginner emergency fund. Not that the emergency fund would have covered the whole of my troubles, but it would have made a small dent.

I think Gary's gotten tired of coming home from work to find me camped out in front of my computer, hashing out a budget that takes into account as much as I can think of.

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