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i've been living with a shadow overhead

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I spoke too soon last week. I've spent most of this week without a tenant/accounting database. Or at least without one of three - the most important one, of course. It finally came back from tech support today, nearly 1/4 of its original size. So far as I can tell, everything is still there. I have to wonder exactly what it was that they compressed for it to shrink that much. (Maybe the program puts in a bunch of junk? Who knows.) At least it's working again for now.

This weekend, provided it doesn't rain, Gary and I are hoping to head out to the Anza-Borrego Desert to check out the wildflowers. I've been wanting to get out and go hiking, but it seems like I've had something going on all of the recent sunny, warm days. (Darn work.)

I did finally upload quite a few pictures from last fall to last weekend. They're up on my flickr account. Which reminds me that I need to hunt for my extra battery and memory card before tomorrow.

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