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planes are passing by

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Each year Bal Rendezvous seems to get better and better. Perhaps it's my attitude toward the event - this year I didn't kill myself to stay late or be there first thing in the morning for the first workshop. I enjoyed the music, and as a result, the dances more. Or perhaps it's because one of the instructors asked me to dance. Or maybe because people from my level were asking me to dance. (Does that make me sound like a dance snob? I hope not...)

After not enough time to recover from last weekend, I'm heading to Vegas this afternoon for Viva Las Vegas. (A rockabilly music event for the uninitiated.) I do have to get through payroll entry first, however - something I am currently taking a break from.

Speaking of work, there are some things in this world that I just don't understand. One - employees who walk off the job without a word to anyone. In the afternoon. And never return. And don't return phone calls for like a week. C'mon. We're big girls. We can handle that you don't want to work for us anymore. Chances are, we don't really want you working for us anymore either!

Two - punk kids who while walking home from school decide that it is a brilliant idea to destroy other people's property. Really. Do you think we didn't hear you kicking in the board of our fence? I know you did because I was looking at you when you suddenly decided it was a good idea to continue sauntering up the street. Actually, I feel really old saying this, but I really don't know what is going on with kids these days. I hear them every single day on their way home from school, screaming at each other, screaming profanity at each other, taking pot shots at our fence...I mean really. Don't you have better things to do with your time than this? You'd think they would notice that the key shop on the corner has nearly the entire block covered by his surveillance cameras. Not much happens that he doesn't know about. Sheesh.

Maybe I just spent most of my childhood playing pretend outside or with my nose in a book (or doing homework and yearbook stuff as I got older). And people wonder about the state of the world.

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