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WIP #2. Done.

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WIP (Work in progress) #2 is now finished, and I am headed to bed in my new pajamas. I had started a pair of flannel pajamas a year and a half ago, but never finished the top. Tonight, as I listen to the rain outside, is a good night for flannel.

I was pleasantly surprised to find out that I had already cut out the pattern pieces. I tried to cut the pattern and/or fabric out last night at craft night, but I had tucked away the pieces that I needed in a "safe place." Thankfully, one that didn't take me too long to find considering I've rearranged my craft room two or three times since I started this project. (I can't say the same for the quilting supplies - those took longer to find this weekend.)

I'm leaning toward finishing my other quilt before I tackle another clothing project. In part, because I still have the 6' folding table set to the side (folded up, thankfully!) in the living room. If I do the quilt first, I won't have to drag it back in from the garage at a later date.

Well, that and I need to decide what my next project is going to be. :)

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