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Finishing quilts and other irrational fears

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Normally I prefer to be oblivious when it comes to the difficulty level of anything I attempt. (Why else would I attempt a skirt with a lining and a chiffon blouse from a Burda magazine pattern - read "no pictures" - for my first clothing projects? Followed closely by a costume with set-in long sleeves and princess seams.)

I keep hearing about how scary finishing a quilt is, which caused me to piece together two quilt tops and then come to a screaming halt at the point where I was supposed put the borders on. Tonight I forced myself to push forward one of them, which is supposed to be a gift, and I found out that I had really just psyched myself out over the whole thing. Border, backing and stitch-in-a-ditch quilting ain't got nothing on setting in sleeves and princess seams.

While I'm probably going to be ready to work on something else besides quilting after I finish (the other project to finish is queen-sized), at least I don't have the "oo. scary." association with it anymore. Maybe I'll see if I can knock out the pajama top tomorrow so I can actually wear the set a year and a half later.

Chalk it up to another irrational fear conquered. (And yes, the most recent one previous was the eye doctor. Those who don't have to see me in my old glasses anymore thank me.)

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