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Sewing and Knitting and other stuff, oh my!

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Now that the weather is starting to warm up, my knitting projects (especially the Umaro throw that I've been working on a for a year or so) are a little less appealing. That means it's time to sew! So many vintage patterns, so little time. I've spent too long on Etsy scanning through the thousands of patterns listed and marking my favorites.

A couple of blogs that I discovered yesterday that helped re-jumpstart my interest in sewing vintage specifically:
Lilacs & Lace
Atomic Redhead
Clio & Phineas

I also found a few new sources for vintage patterns (aside from Ebay and Etsy and the big 4, of course):
Vintage Pattern Lending Library
Eva Dress

There were also several reference pages that I bookmarked for future reference:
How to fit Butterick 4790 (The Walkaway Dress)
How to Sew a 1950s Crinoline for B4790 (movable to allow for a flat front)
Gertie's Modern Crinoline Tutorial
A Shortcut to Great Linings
How to Apply a Seam Binding
Bias Tape Tutorial

Of course, I do have a few projects I need to finish or revisit - the pajama top I need to make to match the bottoms I made a year and a half ago (pre-wedding, omg that was a while ago), my first skirt pattern that I want to redo now that I'm more sure of what I'm doing (and to have a skirt with a straight grain line and thinner lining), my first blouse pattern (again, now that I know what I'm doing and since I want to add french seams and different interfacing to the sheer fabric), and a pair of pants from an as-yet undecided pattern.

I also have a couple of quilts that I need to finish. A lap quilt for a gift and the queen-sized quilt for our bed. Finishing them will mean dragging my sewing machine into the living room so that I have room to move the excess fabric around without shoving it into the corner of the built-in in my craft room. (My craft room is tiny, and the existing built-in in the corner has a sewing machine drop set as a diagonal to the corner of the room. I *so* am saving my pennies for a Koala sewing cabinet. I'm going to have to pull out the built-in and shuffle other things around, but I think it'll be a better use of the space.)

I also have a couple of friends who took a beginning sewing class and now want to learn how to read a pattern and assemble something other than a bag. I found the Colette Patterns Sorbetto top and think it'll be a good introduction. Just have to coordinate a time to get everyone together!

In the meantime, I need to clear off the cutting table and try and clear off the floor so I have room to sew. I know what I'm doing this weekend - after I recover from DJing at the Jam tomorrow night.

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