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Obi-Style Robe

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As I write this, I am two sewing projects behind in sharing. The first one that I completed last weekend was an obi-style robe from a vintage 60s/70s pattern.

I saw a Hawaiian print when I was in the fabric store and, even though I loved it, I wasn't sure that the color would look good on me. Good enough for a robe, though? Certainly!

The light was a little strange - it's actually smidge more of a turquoise color.

Learning points:
-French seams. (And the fact that you do need to trim the first seam allowance before you sew the second part.
-Obi-style sleeves. (I know that you have to match them up that way so that they curve. Still. I'm not a fan of the adding of sleeves.)

And then, my old nemesis since I am short: hemming. I ended up having to tuck in some excess fabric around the side seams on the hem because the bottom of the robe flared slightly. And this is even after I took 3 inches off the robe in the middle!

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