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This week's menu

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After reading simple mom's approach to menu planning, I'm trying planning two weeks at a time, and then repeating so that I have a month's worth of menus. I have a basic daily layout that I figure I can rearrange when needed to accommodate evening schedules.

The basic plan:
Monday - Mexican
Tuesday - Pasta
Wednesday - Soup, salad, or sandwiches
Thursday - Crock pot
Friday - Something easy
Saturday - Something new
Sunday - Pizza, salad, dessert

This week:
Monday - Low-Carb Mexican Casserole
Tuesday - Pasta with Broccoli Slaw and Tuna (with olive oil and red wine vinegar)
Wednesday - Crock BBQ Chicken Supper (mostly for Gary - I'm DJing the local swing venue)
Thursday - Sausage Italian Wedding Soup
Friday, Saturday - Gary's on his own. I'll be at Disneyland for my sister's birthday/bachelorette party
Sunday - Kayla's birthday dinner (tacos at Mom's)

I was originally going to make Roasted Chicken, Onion and Rosemary pizza on Sunday until the birthday dinner was scheduled earlier today.

After being menu-plan-less for the last few weeks, it's nice to have a plan for the next couple weeks. I have to admit, though, there was plenty of food in the freezer and pantry to eat off of, and there is still plenty left. I took this into account when I went shopping and should be using up the rest of my chicken thighs over the next few weeks. I really, really miss the chest freezer that my sister and I shared when I lived with her. At least I have enough room to pre-assemble some of the meals so that they just require defrosting and cooking.

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