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getting back on track

posted by Kendra

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Perhaps I'm a bit late with resolutions, or maybe I'm getting an early start. Or maybe I'm seeing my birthday in a week as a 'new year.' Whatever the reason, now that I've got my financial situation an itsy bit under control, it's time to turn my attention toward my health. I've discovered www.fitday.com and have been using it to keep track of my weight, activity and nutritional goals. (It's free! And you can add your own foods.) I've made some progress, but it's definitely been eye opening to have to hunt down nutritional information for restaurants when I eat out. What I thought was a nice, healthy meal at a local steak house turned out to be over 1000 calories! Keeping track of what I'm eating has definitely helped me to make more informed choices.

While looking up information on how many calories I reall should be eating, I also came across Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle, which contained a things that I knew, but also quite a bit more background that made the things I knew make sense. If you don't mind reading the 300+ pages, it's really worth it.

1 comment

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