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Borks vs. the Yard: Kendra vs. The Vine

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(...several months, a wedding, and a honeymoon later we find our intrepid author now an official spouse and facing a yard suffering from winter-, rain-, and wedding-induced neglect.)

It's innocent-looking enough, this vine. Gary even commented on how pretty its flowers are.

It's of the devil. It spreads underground via a root system that breaks if you look at it cross-eyed. I've had to resort to digging a pit in the area where I know its spreading and sifting through the shovelfuls of dirt by hand.

(It may not look like much, but it's about 6-8" deep.) So this is how I have spent my last few weekends - battling this vine. Otherwise, it spreads, climbs up the other plants, and slowly chokes out the plants I would really prefer to have. Of course the only thing it doesn't seem to be choking out is the stupid Lantana, which is the plant in the backyard that I would really love to see go.

We did have some help today in the campaign against the yard, thankfully. And we will next Saturday as well. We'll probably get the vegetable garden built and planted just in time for the fall crops at the rate we're going!

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